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The Dynaflow family of high pressure ball valves was designed by Fluid Dynamics in the 1960's for use in man-made fiber production. After the Navy lost the USS Thresher submarine in April 1963, a new quality requirement was developed to apply to all components that could cause loss of life or loss of ship. This became known as LEVEL I/SUBSAFE, now referred to as SCOPE OF CERTIFICATION. The Dynaflow family of ball valves was among the first components qualified for LEVEL I/SUBSAFE use. Qualification required long cycle life (5000 cycles) and bubble tight sealing when subjected to HIGH SHOCK (MIL-S-901) and HIGH VIBRATION (MIL-STD-167). In summary, these are very rugged, go-to-war and survive ball valves.

The product line was later sold to Brunswick Wintec and finally to Specialty & Ball Valve Engineering, Inc. (SBVE). As a convenience to the many long-standing Dynaflow customers, the original part numbering system used by Fluid Dynamics has been retained. Meanwhile, SBVE has continued to expand the line to include larger bore sizes (2.3 inch full bore) and offer additional materials such as Eli-Titanium and more modern seat materials. Because each order has its designated bill of materials, the customer can literally "have it his way."

Performance of the Dynaflow MIL-V-22687 ball valve:

  • Bubble tight from zero to 6000 psi for critical applications
  • Qualified for high shock and vibration including UNDEX (underwater explosion)
  • Zero leakage across the seat or past the stem
  • Bidirectional flow operation
  • Top loaded all components enter through the bonnet -- body can be welded or brazed to piping to eliminate two potential leak paths
  • Fugitive emissions safe stem seal, also bubble tight to preclude emissions to outside environment

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