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VTS Performance

6000 psi working pressures and 24 ksi burst pressure

Two piece body.
VTS valves utilize both Top and Side entry. The two piece body design saves cost and reduces components compared to the military VT ball valve family.

Zero leakage in either direction
Bubble-tight over full pressure range and well into vacuum negative pressures.

Low Operating Torque
At both high and low pressures, and even after protracted holding periods. Smooth, easy control with positive stops. Use of trunnion bearings and single seat design contribute to reduced torque. Example, 0.5 inch bore valve at 5ksi requires only 85 INCH pounds breakout. Running torque is nearly 30% less.

Corrosion Resistant Construction
All wetted parts of corrosion resistant materials. Bearings lined with TeflonŽ impregnated woven fiber fabric or other low friction chemically inert materials.

Ball Supported by Trunnion Bearings
Heavy duty integral trunnions carry loads, permitting seat to be optimized for sealing. Rugged construction withstands severe shock, impact and vibration, and provides a wide margin of reserve capacity.

Completely Top Loaded
All components are removable through the top of the valve. This allows inexpensive overhaul and maintenance. Valve body can be permanently welded in place, if desired.

Hydrodynamically Energized Seal
Single seat seals against pressure differential in either direction, at both high and low pressures, with either gases or liquids.

Positive Handle Latch
The "low profile" handle design latches in full closed and full open positions to prevent inadvertent operation.

Pressure Forces Balanced Vertically
Ball and Stem are separate components. This allows pressure to equalize vertically surrounding the Ball to better maintain seat sealing.

Designed for Severe Service
The VTS family incorporates a nearly identical internal component set as used on our military valves. Built to exacting standards, suited to a wide variety of fluids and gases. Proven over 50 years of service.

Customized Applications
SBVE will recommend materials, actuator type and valve performance features to meet your unique ball valve requirements. Pressure ratings over 6000 psi are available in custom designs. Customer can specify component materials - we'll build it your way.

Other Fluid Products
SBVE specializes in high pressure fluid applications - those over 3000 psi. In addition to ball valves, SBVE can provide custom component designs for fluid components not offered by other manufacturers. Call us and we'll make it your way.


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